Leet Racing started out by supplying the Locost Racers and Locost Racers-to-be with cost effective and quality components for their race cars. The focus used to be on building the L class (which started as the Locost Formula in the Locost Club) running within the South African regional Lotus Challenge series.
Leet Racing has expanded to support all the classes within the Lotus Challenge, and our aim remains to get as many cars as possible on the grid, with support at race meetings and in between the race meetings. We also focus on race car rental, building the Lotus field by enabling guys that prefer not to build and/or maintain their own cars, to still race competitively in their classes.
We are obviously passionate about car performance and driver development, and have added the Autosport Labs products to our list of solutions, providing advanced functionality in terms of car monitoring and data, while assisting in driver development, especially with predictive lap timing.

Our main line of business:
* Race Car Rental
* Race car build and maintenance
* Parts Supply